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reading up

Every now and then I find myself browsing over old LJ posts. Sometimes mine, sometimes _earthshine_'s, occasionally someone else.

I never find myself wanting to do that on facebook. What does this say about me?
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I stood there, alone, in the darkness.

I shouted out to the sea, "Are you ready?" There was no answer.

Or was I just shouting out to myself?
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Eye see!

Over the weekend I stuck a tree branch in my eye, and gave myself a corneal abrasion. I do not recommend it - it hurts, and screws up your vision.

I also have new-found respect for people who wear contact lenses and must frequently put in eye drops and crap. Man, what a PITA that is.
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another project

Another weekend at the Laughing Squirrel working on a project - this time, building planter boxes so we might be able to grow some vegetables without the gophers having a feast.

Which of course means another few days of healing scraped knuckles and aching body.

And of course it was another whole pile of driving (3 hours each way), but that's just something we've accepted. It can be good time to think and reflect, too. Or listen to music. Among the tunes I listened to in the truck (still running like crap, argh) was Mr. Big's "Green Tinted Sixties Mind".

Stupid video, but a good song. I've always liked it. Musically it's got a kind of dreamy feel, and the solo just flows. Lyrically it's sort of escapist. It's a nice combo.
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Lost and ... no, still lost

Looking, looking, always looking, never finding.... where did it go?

I'm looking for a snippet of a story, I think it was a comment posted to LJ at some point. Might've been mine (tho I can't find it), might have been yours. The story is sort of a take on Scheherazade, where the story cannot end; but the form is a mother relating a story to her child, the story inside itself endlessly, with the storyteller repeating it over and over, inescapable, but with rising horror and exhaustion.

I'm not really sure why it came to mind, but it's one of those things that, once it does you have to find it.

Kind of like how the song 'Gutter Ballet' is playing in my head ... why do songs do that?
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Atlas Shrugged?

I just watched the movie 'Atlas Shrugged - Part 1'. I've never read any of Rand's books and while I freely admit that I went into the movie expecting to not like it based on what I've heard of Rand's philosophy, I must say I was surprised.

Here's what I got from the movie:
- wealthy industrialists are just about he best people around, and they know what's best for everyone
- government hates people who succeed
- government is completely inept, yet amazingly efficient when it comes to passing new bills to destroy successful people
- everyone who isn't a wealthy industrialist is just a leech on society
- executives are so smart that they can understand the working of a machine unlike any others in existence by glancing at a blueprint
- labor unions are basically jerks and deserve to be ignored or dismissed
- anyone who cares about anyone other than themselves is basically a loser
- scientists and the media are all liars, completely controlled by the government, and also hate people who succeed
- the very notion of equity in the workplace is stupid

The movie would have been more aptly titled "Strawmen and Supermen". The Hollywood elite didn't stay away because they object to the political philosophy, but because the script was awful. But maybe that reflects the source material.

Maybe it was just a bad rendering of the book. But it certainly doesn't make me want to watch 'part 2' if and when it comes out, let alone read the book, which even fans have told me is a slog.
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why is it...

that when some other driver on the road does something excessively stupid or annoying (like tailgating and flashing brights in the number 2 lane) sometimes it bugs me for about 3 seconds and I forget about it, while other times it bothers me for tens of minutes?

I'm sure there's a life lesson in the answer, whatever it is.
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Strange dreams

I had a weird dream last night.

In the dream, I was doing ... something, I don't remember exactly what. I have a vague recollection of trying to clean up a badly overgrown back yard or something to that effect. But that wasn't the weird part.

The weird part is that there were teleporters or portals in the dream. Typical video game teleporters. I would enter one and come out another. Then at one point, I entered a portal that was in the ground, expecting to come out of another one in the ground. But for some reason the exit portal was blocked. I knew how these worked, and I couldn't go back out the way I entered. And I knew that in a few seconds I would start drowning because I couldn't leave the portal. And sure enough, in a few seconds, I started to drown, or choke, or something. And it was like drowning in a video game, taking chunks of my health every second or so. And when I hit 0 health - I woke up.

It wasn't particularly scary, it just ... was. I definitely recall having dreams where I would try to scream out for help but could only scream very quietly, often my wife would kick me awake because I was obviously having some kind of nightmare. Or I would have a dream where I needed to lift something or move a part of my body but couldn't, where I'd wake up to find that body part completely numb from sleeping badly on it. But this was was different, I wasn't screaming for help or fighting anyone, I just jumped into the wrong portal.

I'm sure the source of this is that I've been playing a fair amount of video games the past few days - I just got the Orange Box; I'm only a few years behind the times :)